The Wollensak 1580

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The Wollensak 1580
The Wollensak Microphone made by Shure.
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 For a slide show presentation of the W1580 check out this YouTube video I created.

The Wollensak 1580 is a 4-track, dual speed (3 3/4 and 7 1/2 ips) single-unit stereophonic tape recorder with fully flexible control facilities, inputs and ouputs. The 1580 has matched dual recording and playback preamps, dual 11-watt amplifiers, and dual built-in speakers.  The manual proclaimed "Your new Wollensak 1580 Stereophonic Tape Recorder is a compact, lightweight,completely self-contained machine capable of recording and playing back all stereophonic and monophonic tapes. And with wollensak's exclusive new Tab Control Panel you enjoy unmatched ease of operation and flexibility of use. "The Wollensak 1580 is a prized possession embodying every advanced facility for enjoying the wonderful world of captured sound.  The manual states "Scotch Brand Magnetic Tape, as supplied with your recorder, features silicone lubrication to reduce head wear, and has recording characteristics precisely matched to your 1580 for superior recording. With its dual 11-watt amplifiers and dual stereo speakers, the 1580 performs admirable as the basis of a high fidelity stereophonic music system. The Wollensak 1580, with its dual recording preamps and playback amplifiers, is ideally suited for sound-with-sound recording. Independent operation of the tab controls allow you to play a taped program on one channel while using the other channel as a public address system to make comments. The Wollensak 1580 makes an excellent portable public address system. The exclusive new Wollensak tab control panel provides the utmost in convenience and simplicity of operation. Mechanical and electrical functions of both channels are independently controlled by the four 3 position, power-operated roller tabs. Wollensak's patented Balanced-Tone emphasizes the very high and very low tones, varying the degree of emphasis as the volume changes to compensate for the characteristics of the ear.

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